Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Journey Continues...

Now that I have commited to doing the French 5-Piece Wardrobe I am at a loss as to what I feel my wardrobe needs next. I still need to go through and continue curating my wardrobe, which will probably reveal some holes that will want to be filled.

I have also been mulling over the fact that generally buying only 5 pieces of clothing every 6 months means you should buy higher quality, more expensive pieces; and for someone who shops almost exclusively at Forever 21 at H&M, will I be able to drop down the big bucks for a better wardrobe? My gut clenches a bit at the thought of paying $100 for- well, anything.

Also, those Forever 21 gift cards I got for Christmas- when I use those, do I need to count each item as one of the five? Should I just purchase basics? Isn't the point of this to buy really nice quality basics to have for a very long time? Can I go from maximalist to minimalist? Will the questions ever end?

As someone who loves shopping almost constantly and with not too much money, I think I'm going to be thinking all this over for awhile.

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  1. I have found that while rarely f21 has good clothing or shoes, many of the accessories last forever and stay looking great. I say use it for accessories and gifts don't really count towards the 5 pieces in that sense.