Monday, 16 June 2014

Halfway Point

It has been 6 months since I began my journey of moving away from fast fashion, curating my closet and enjoying the clothing that I have, so I thought it would be a good time to post a bit of a reflection on how it's gone so far.

I feel like I've finally hit on a bit of a turning point; the past few months I have been saying NO to clothes and I haven't been impulse shopping like I used to. When I've gone into H&M I've picked things up and put them away after really considering them- I think about how I'm going to feel adding them into my already full closet, and it doesn't make me feel good. I have been passing over garments that were almost what I wanted, but not quite. Old me would have bought them anyway and then bought the actual perfect item later on, had it come up. I feel that I must have a fear of missing out in terms of clothing- I'm afraid of letting that just okay item get away in case I never find the really amazing piece that I want. And I'm becoming okay with that- if it isn't perfect, why add it to my wardrobe?

When I look at my clothes I'm slowly seeing a cohesive LOOK emerge; I'm itching to go through and get rid of pieces that don't fit the image I want to project. In keeping with this I plan to go through my wardrobe and pull out the things that don't fit with 'THAT GIRL' I want to be- I'm considering doing the 333 challenge, but for now I just want to really focus on those pieces of clothing that scream "ME", and see where that takes me. Basically I will be re-doing Step 2 of A Pair and a Spare's post "Wardrobe Rehab"; 'Define Your Style' which I did in an earlier post about, using photos from Pinterest as examples.

I also plan on going through all of my purchases for the first half of the year (as a few other bloggers have done) and rating them based on how many wears they have gotten and if they were a good purchase. I haven't kept track of specific wears, but I have a general idea about how much I've worn something and how into it I've been.

I am excited to see how the rest of the year goes!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What I Wore in May

This month I decided to get back into the habit of regularly snapping photos of my outfits before I head out- I think I was annoyed at having to post them every few days, but compiling them by the month is much more manageable!

You can see below I definitely have a uniform- skinny jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans all the way! I really tried to make an effort to wear skirts & dresses a bit this month as the weather was getting warmer. When I showed up to my boyfriends house in my floral F21 dress he mentioned that I was 'all dressed up'; this was dismaying as I used to dress like this quite often in the past, but since I've gotten lazy and have been wearing jeans more often than not, even casual skirts and dresses are looking 'dressy' on me! This really tells me I need to make skirts and dresses a more regular part of my wardrobe again.

Striped Shirt: Max Studio from Marshalls, Black Skinny Jeans: Urban Planet, Leopard Print Slip-Ons: Steve Madden, Grey Scarf: random mall store

 Leather Jacket: Viparo, Dress: H&M, Pink Flats: Madden Girl from Marshalls
Leather Jacket: Viparo, Striped Top: Max Studio from Marshalls, Pink Skinny Jeans: Dollhouse from Value Village, Leopard Print Slip-ons: Steve Madden

Leather Jacket: Viparo, Leopard Print Sweater: F21 from the men's section, Jeans: Urban Planet, Knee High Boots: F21

 Leather Jacket: Viparo, Leopard Print Blouse: Vintage from a Flea Market Sale, Jeans: Urban Planet, Ballet Flats: Wal-Mart

Sheer Floral Blouse: Value Village, Jeans: Urban Planet, Shoes: Wal-Mart
Floral Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: H&M, Boots: Forever 21, Tights: Target

Cropped Denim Jacket: Forever 21, Fit n' Flare Dress: Old Navy, Ballet Flats: Madden Girl from Marshalls, Purse: Sole Society
Fuchsia Cardigan: H&M, Striped Tank: Joe Fresh, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Target, Ballet Flats: Wal-Mart

Suede Moto Jacket: Bershka from Ebay, T-shirt: Cheap Monday, Skirt: H&M, Ballet Flats: Wal-Mart
Suede Moto Jacket: Bershka from Ebay, T-shirt: Max Studio from Marshalls, Shorts: Joe Fresh, Purse: Sole Society, Flats: Wal-Mart