Thursday, 2 October 2014

September Purchases

I almost went the entire month without making any purchases. The great part was that I really didn't feel compelled to go out shopping- I spend a lot of time going through my wardrobe, purging things and reorganizing. Two of my purchases were made at a clothing market where I was a vendor, so I was in a situation where there was clothing all around me and it was hard to resist, although I'm very happy with my purchases. The third was when I decided that I needed a statement necklace to liven up some of my outfits (I bought it online so there was less temptation).

  • Forever 21 Draped Statement Necklace - I wanted to get a statement necklace and I really liked grey shades of this one and think it will fit in really well with my black & white clothing.
  • Born A Bad Seed Vintage T-Shirt - This label is from my city and I've always found it to be really cool. I'll admit I don't NEED anymore graphic T's, but I just love the easygoing/edgyness of this one. I've already gotten rid of a handful of graphic-t's that I own to make way for this one.
  • Leopard Print Button Down Tunic - this tunic just spoke to me and told me 'I'm perfect for fall!'. & with boots and tights it will be perfect! I have a slightly similar top that I haven't worn in a long time that I will be purging to make room for this tunic.

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  1. Wonderful job!!! These are great items and I can see the potential for them to be true workhorses!!!