Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mid-March Update

Well, its only 2 weeks until I finish my 2-year program at school and I am ITCHING to dive into my closet and really sort things out. I'm pondering doing a gigantic closet inventory- at first I thought I would do a spring/summer clothing inventory, but since some items crossover between many seasons it would make more sense to do an inventory of my entire closet. This scares me because a) I have a lot of stuff and b) I don't really want to know how much stuff I have.

The main part of my wardrobe that I wear on a regular basis is center stage in my closet, and over the past few months I've been peering into the back corners at the things I haven't seen in ages. These are the things I want to wear 'someday' but never get around to wearing, yet I don't want to face the facts and get rid of them. A big closet inventory could be just the thing I need to cut my wardrobe down a bit.

The good news is that over the past month or so items from my wardrobe have been making their way into my 'to sell', 'to swap' and 'to donate' piles. Next month I plan on listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay and I'm also planning to host a clothing swap with a friend. Looking forward to it!


  1. Taking an inventory is daunting and scary, I know firsthand- but it's so worth it!! It's truly been a useful tool for me, especially when shopping. I have two black jackets, do I really NEED a third? I already have a shirt like this one. Do I really need another black dress? Etc. Knowledge is power!

    I hope you write a post about your inventory/purging! :)

    1. I will definitely do a post about my closet inventory!