Wednesday, 19 March 2014

That special something

Since the beginning of the year when I started to put more thought into my wardrobe and how and where I buy clothes, I've started thinking more about having special, unique items in my wardrobe. Once you get away from the high of impulse-shopping you start to see how wonderful it is to have a one-in-a-million garment or piece of jewelery you can hold on to for longer than a few months.

I used to love thrift shopping, going on a hunt for a gloriously amazing dress or skirt or boots that was worn in juuust right and didn't look a thing like any of the outfits I saw people wearing on a daily basis. I have made some amazing finds in thrift stores; from a oversize leopard print blazer to a beautiful printed floral & clocks sundress and much more. I still love thrift shopping, but somehow online shopping and fast-fashion has taken over my life over the past few years. Now, I'm definitely not a person who would only dress in clothing from thrift stores- but I think the best fashion comes when you mix it up, wearing new and old, stuff from the mall and Value Village and Ebay, wearing a garment or two that has a story behind it.
There's something kind of depressing about looking through your wardrobe and only seeing polyester-elastane duds that are so spot-on trendy. Give me some weird clothing, something you can't find in the stores right now, a vintage statement ring, a woven leather belt... let's tell a story with our clothes.

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