Saturday, 26 April 2014


I had a bit of extra time over the past few days and decided to go through some of my skirts and belts- it really only took 15 or 20 minutes to blast through them all and decide whether to KEEP or TOSS.

Starting # of Pencil Skirts: 8
Keep: 4
Toss: 4

Starting # of Full/Circle Skirts: 4
Keep: 3
Toss: 1

I had 4 black pencil skirts and got rid of three, because I really didn't need 4 almost identical looking skirts. During this I also found one pencil skirt and one full skirt in need of hemming/mending!

Starting # of Belts: 34
Keep: 22
Toss: 13

13 isn't a huge amount to toss but I'm really happy about it! The belts I chose to toss ranged from too big/too small, to ones that I just don't like anymore. I also matched one of the TOSS belts to some old shorts and realized they are now 2 sizes to big for me... so those are getting TOSSED too!

I have to mention that before I did my wardrobe inventory a few weeks ago I actually had an even larger wardrobe, judging from the (very) big pile of clothes in my dining room that are going to be sent to the thrift store. I actually am very good about going through my stuff and getting rid of things, as I have done many times over the past few years- but evidently I am very bad at bringing new things in. It is pretty sad to see a pile of wasted money and fabric. But I am getting better at dialing down my impulses and really thinking about my style and what works for me. I'm looking forward to some more KEEP & TOSS times in the future!

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