Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Pair & a Spares WARDROBE REHAB

I absolutely love Geneva's method on A Pair & A Spare for curating your closet; or as she calls it, 'Wardrobe Rehab'. The first step she has is to cull your wardrobe, which I have been doing and still am, so I decided to skip to number 2: Defining Your Style.

Instead of looking to my closet I decided to look to Pinterest; specifically my "Outfit Inspiration" board to see what I really love. I feel like my closet at the moment is a bit of a mish-mash of different things, which is why I decided to look to other people's style whom I admire to define what I really need in a wardrobe.


Leather moto jackets, followed closely by suede jackets are one of the first things I notice while perusing my Outfit Inpiration board. I have one great leather jacket from Viparo, and 3 other moto jackets that fulfill this catagory nicely (doesn't mean I don't have my eye on some amazing leather jackets from brands like Saint Laurent! one day!...) Followed closesly by... 

A leather jacket paired with skinny jeans is my go-to outfit. This really makes me realize that I need a good pair of dark-wash skinny jeans in my closet. Right now I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans, which I love, but they are of the $20 variety and they definitely look like it. Scraggaly threads and pulls aren't what I need in a jean- they DO look great when on (from a distance, at least) and I'll keep them for everyday wear, but a slammin' pair of skinny jeans that look like a million bucks (but don't cost it) are next up on my list of things to purchase.

Another thing I notice on this board are the many outfits which have mixed tough leather and denim with sweet, chic swing skirts, soft blouses and floral prints. I really like the idea of mixing these two things to keep an outfit from going too masculine. I'm pretty sure if I shop my closet I can come up with a variety of outfits that fit the bill.

Simple sweaters, button down shirts, the holy WHITE-TEE, I really love the basics. When paired with skinnies and a leather jacket, you really can't go wrong! 

Many of the outfits on my Outfit Inspiration board are made up of 2 or three colors; mainly black, grey and white, with some pops of color like pink or a leopard print. Luckily most of my wardrobe already adheres to these colors with a few exceptions.

I think all of this gives me a really big clue towards what I should be focusing my shopping on in the future. I've always known this was my style and this is what I like, but it is easy to get away from yourself when you walk in to Forever 21 and everything is so cheap- thats when you start to water down your style. So my number 1 rule for future shopping is: FOCUS! & shop with intention!

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