Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Purchases

April was an interesting month. It was great in the fact that for the majority of it I did not feel compelled to shop, I didn't slowly drive myself crazy trying to tear myself away from online shopping. In fact I hardly went on my two favorite online shopping websites- Forever 21 and ASOS- at all this month. April was my first month out of school, and I finally had time to start going through my wardrobe, culling a few things, and that energized me. I hope to continue this through May. I still want to cut down on the amount of things I'm buying each month, so that will be something to work on in May.

  • Joe Fresh slouchy crewneck tanks (1 b&w stripes, 1 black) & black cuffed shorts - I only have 3 other pairs of shorts and none in black so I was happy to find these ones! The 2 tanks were a bit of an impulse, but they have already gotten quite a bit of wear this month already so I think they were a good purchase.
  • Forever 21 cropped tanks (in black, grey) - these are the perfect cropped tanks for layering under billowy/sheer summer shirts and tank tops. I've been in need of something like this for the past 2 years, and these two were only $6 each so I am pretty happy with them.
  • ASOS Oversize Baseball Dress - I had been watching this dress for a few months and it finally went on sale, so I bought it.
  •  From VALUE VILLAGE: H&M pink dress, H&M striped sweater dress, Gap b&w striped dress, Dollhouse pink skinny jeans - I went to Value Village twice in April to help someone do costuming for a high school show, and ended up finding these pieces for myself. I'm really happy with all of them, especially to find 2 spring/summer dresses. I generally don't like the buy out of season but the sweater dress was a steal at $15 and I know I will be wearing it a bunch next fall.
  •  I was gifted 2 leopard scarves! People know how much I love leopard! Related to that I will be going through my scarves soon to remove some I don't need anymore and make room for these two.

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