Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Perfect Skirt

One of the big challenges for me over the past year and a bit has been wearing skirts on a regular basis. I remember when I was younger, wearing skirts fairly regularly; but over the past few years dresses, and mostly jeans have been my go-to item. I think with all of my over-shopping I found the various skirt styles, fits, & trying to pair them with the random assortment of tops I had very overwhelming.

Now that I have been focusing my shopping and mindfully adding pieces to my wardrobe, I want to tackle the issue of skirt wearing. I have quite a few skirts hanging in my closet that don't get regularly worn; now is the time to make a choice: wear, or toss? If you look back at some of my older posts you'll see that I have gotten rid of some skirts already, but I've kept hanging on to some of them, not knowing if I will wear them again. They are really bugging me, and taking up valuable closet real estate to boot.

My aim now is to figure out what kind of skirt suits me best? What kind of skirt will go with the tops and blouses I already have in my wardrobe? What basic skirt can I build a multitude of outfits around? I honestly think if I can pare my skirts down to around a handful, I will have more success at wearing skirts on a regular basis. The thought of just having one or two great, reliable skirts in my wardrobe makes me feel very happy. Right now, other than that work skirt I bought from Smart Set last month, I don't feel like I have any skirts that match those qualifications.

Certain qualities I like in a skirt are: something with structure. something a little edgy or with a few simple details. a-line. between mini and midi. Now all I need to do is find it...



  1. Your ivory lace skirt is adorable! Skirts are tough and I bought several that were all wrong for me until I finally figured out my proportions lol. I own 4 nice skirts and only could want a black one and a light-colored one.

    1. Yes I do love that ivory skirt! I think that is my exact problem, I need to figure out my proportions. Once I do, no one can stop me!