Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Purchases

Well, July was definitely a bit of a backslide; the main detriment was taking a trip to the States to shop at the Outlet mall. I'll be honest and say a large portion of what I purchased this month were things on my 'to buy' list, a handful were things I really didn't need but loved and decided to buy anyway. Even if everything was on my 'to buy' list, it does make me a bit nervous making so many purchases in one month, because usually that doesn't usually mean that I hold off on shopping a bit more the next month, I just continue shopping as usual. So for August, I'm going to have a bit of a conundrum.

I'll start with what I tossed in July:

Denim Shorts
2x t-shirts
Ankle Boots
2x pj shirts

In August I plan on going through all of my Fall clothing and evaluating every piece, deciding what to keep and toss. Hopefully the tossed list will be a lot bigger.

Now the 'fun' part. My purchases for July:

July Purchases part 1

  • C Wonder Black and White Dress - THIS DRESS. I posted it awhile back as inspiration; I remember thinking at the time 'I would love to have a dress like this!'; but alas, at around $168 dollars it was a bit out of my price range. I happened to randomly check the website earlier this month and it had been knocked down to $83. This is still a bit pricey for me, but I decided to give in and make the purchase. I am so glad I did! A dress like this replaces five $20 dresses hanging in my closet, any day. It's a dream to wear and it will be hanging in my closet for years to come.
  • Target Houndstooth Button Shirt - this seemed like a great casual shirt, but also very work appropriate when needed. And it's black and white!
  • Levi's Skinny Jeans in Black & Brown - I wrote recently about how I constantly wear skinny jeans, and that I should add a few good quality pairs to my closet. These 2 are just that; plus I got a great deal at the outlet mall, 2 pairs for $40 each instead of the usual $60 each.
  • White House Black Market Geometric Shorts - a pair of black and white patterned shorts were on my to-buy list for the summer and these fit the bill! I really love the cut.
  • Kenneth Cole Faux-Suede Pink Perforated Bomber Jacket - this was an impulse buy, I admit. But it looks so great on me and fits in perfectly with my wardrobe. In turn I am now selling another pink bomber jacket I've owned for years and wore constantly years ago, but haven't really worn in the past year or two.
  • Mudd Slip-On 'Birkenstocks' - a pair of sandals were on my list, and I couldn't go wrong with these ones for about $20.
  • ASOS White Sandals - Once I bought the above Mudd sandals I was done buying shoes for the summer, alas my beige Joe Fresh sandals that I love bit the dust shortly after my outlet mall trip; I ended up buying these similar sandals online to replace them.
  • Forever 21 Black & White Culottes - adding another cute pair of shorts to my wardrobe sounded like a good idea to me, and I used a gift certificate to buy this pair. It's really easy for me to see the difference in quality between some of my slightly pricier summer clothes and these shorts, but I don't mind having a few cute things from Forever 21 as long as my wardrobe doesn't become overrun by the store as it has in the past.


  1. Those geometric shorts and blouse are def. my favorites! I can see you have a specific color palette? Looks great!

    1. Yes I'm sticking to my color palette as best as I can! It has made it so much easier for me to get dressed on a day to day basis... hooray for simplifying life!