Monday, 15 September 2014

September, so far

We are halfway into September and I have yet to make a purchase. I have done a bit of online shopping browsing, I even went into a thrift store and tried on a bunch of things I really liked before deciding to leave without anything (do I need another $12 Forever 21 dress that's too short or a cute top with unraveling seams? no).

My closet doors have been open for the past 2 weeks and I've been slowly taking things out to put in the donation bin, and mulling over other items. I even took an hour to completely rearrange by chests of drawers to make them more organized.

I kind of feel like building my wardrobe over the past 8 months has been very 'forced'. I've really been pressuring myself to find things that fit exactly into my color scheme, finding the right patterns and types of clothes, and it has made it much less fun. Meanwhile the 'perfect dress' or 'perfect boots' seem to allude me even though I'm looking so hard. Before I began this process I was much more of an impulse shopper; but I found my wardrobe purchases to be much more organic as well. I look into my growing black & white wardrobe now and am unsure if I'm going in the right direction. When I go out I see women who look so put together yet laid back and I envy them, but after all this work on my own wardrobe I wonder why I'm not there yet? What am I doing wrong? I feel like I know my style, yet I can't quite seem to make that show in my wardrobe and my outfits. That could possibly mean that there are still quite a few items in my closet that shouldn't be there and should be purged.

I'm going to continue rearranging, organizing and culling things from my wardrobe, and hopefully some clarity will come to me.

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