Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Pair & a Spares WARDROBE REHAB

I absolutely love Geneva's method on A Pair & A Spare for curating your closet; or as she calls it, 'Wardrobe Rehab'. The first step she has is to cull your wardrobe, which I have been doing and still am, so I decided to skip to number 2: Defining Your Style.

Instead of looking to my closet I decided to look to Pinterest; specifically my "Outfit Inspiration" board to see what I really love. I feel like my closet at the moment is a bit of a mish-mash of different things, which is why I decided to look to other people's style whom I admire to define what I really need in a wardrobe.


Leather moto jackets, followed closely by suede jackets are one of the first things I notice while perusing my Outfit Inpiration board. I have one great leather jacket from Viparo, and 3 other moto jackets that fulfill this catagory nicely (doesn't mean I don't have my eye on some amazing leather jackets from brands like Saint Laurent! one day!...) Followed closesly by... 

A leather jacket paired with skinny jeans is my go-to outfit. This really makes me realize that I need a good pair of dark-wash skinny jeans in my closet. Right now I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans, which I love, but they are of the $20 variety and they definitely look like it. Scraggaly threads and pulls aren't what I need in a jean- they DO look great when on (from a distance, at least) and I'll keep them for everyday wear, but a slammin' pair of skinny jeans that look like a million bucks (but don't cost it) are next up on my list of things to purchase.

Another thing I notice on this board are the many outfits which have mixed tough leather and denim with sweet, chic swing skirts, soft blouses and floral prints. I really like the idea of mixing these two things to keep an outfit from going too masculine. I'm pretty sure if I shop my closet I can come up with a variety of outfits that fit the bill.

Simple sweaters, button down shirts, the holy WHITE-TEE, I really love the basics. When paired with skinnies and a leather jacket, you really can't go wrong! 

Many of the outfits on my Outfit Inspiration board are made up of 2 or three colors; mainly black, grey and white, with some pops of color like pink or a leopard print. Luckily most of my wardrobe already adheres to these colors with a few exceptions.

I think all of this gives me a really big clue towards what I should be focusing my shopping on in the future. I've always known this was my style and this is what I like, but it is easy to get away from yourself when you walk in to Forever 21 and everything is so cheap- thats when you start to water down your style. So my number 1 rule for future shopping is: FOCUS! & shop with intention!

Saturday, 26 April 2014


I had a bit of extra time over the past few days and decided to go through some of my skirts and belts- it really only took 15 or 20 minutes to blast through them all and decide whether to KEEP or TOSS.

Starting # of Pencil Skirts: 8
Keep: 4
Toss: 4

Starting # of Full/Circle Skirts: 4
Keep: 3
Toss: 1

I had 4 black pencil skirts and got rid of three, because I really didn't need 4 almost identical looking skirts. During this I also found one pencil skirt and one full skirt in need of hemming/mending!

Starting # of Belts: 34
Keep: 22
Toss: 13

13 isn't a huge amount to toss but I'm really happy about it! The belts I chose to toss ranged from too big/too small, to ones that I just don't like anymore. I also matched one of the TOSS belts to some old shorts and realized they are now 2 sizes to big for me... so those are getting TOSSED too!

I have to mention that before I did my wardrobe inventory a few weeks ago I actually had an even larger wardrobe, judging from the (very) big pile of clothes in my dining room that are going to be sent to the thrift store. I actually am very good about going through my stuff and getting rid of things, as I have done many times over the past few years- but evidently I am very bad at bringing new things in. It is pretty sad to see a pile of wasted money and fabric. But I am getting better at dialing down my impulses and really thinking about my style and what works for me. I'm looking forward to some more KEEP & TOSS times in the future!

Friday, 11 April 2014

Closet Inventory part 1

Let me preface this by saying; I have a lot of stuff. More than I originally thought- as I was counting and the numbers started adding up I was pretty shocked, but not really surprised. I decided to focus on my clothing and leave the accessories for later. So lets get down to it.

I created categories based on what I had in my closet to make it easier to divide things up.

Leather/PU Jackets 4
Suede/Faux Suede Jackets 2
Winter Jackets 2
Blazers 4
Denim Jackets 5
Other 4
TOTAL #: 21

Graphic & Print T-Shirts (Short Sleeve) 48
Graphic & Print T-Shirts (Long or 3/4 Sleeve) 2
Plain Shirts (Short Sleeve) 27
Plain Shirts (Long or 3/4 Sleeve) 14
Button-Down Shirts 16
Blouses 22
Cardigans 25
Ponchos 3
Graphic & Print Sweaters 7
Plain Sweaters 13
Sweatshirts & Hoodies 7
Vests 6
Tank Tops 13
Tank Tops (layering) 24
Crop Tops & Bralets 4
TOTAL #: 231

Jeans 13
Pants 4
Capris 2
Cotton/Tube Skirts 9
Denim Skirts 2
Circle/Swing Skirts 7
Pencil Skirts 8
Other Skirts 8
Shorts 3
TOTAL #: 56

Spring/Summer Dresses 11
Fall/Winter Dresses 15
Retro Look Dresses 3
Going Out/Fancy Dress 12
Formal/Special Occasion Dresses 5
TOTAL #: 46

I think the overall problem is that I have been hanging onto things that I've owned for YEARS- some from back in high school. I'm also one of those people who hangs onto things 'just in case' I need them- the thing is, quite often a random event will come up (like a steampunk show I went to recently) and I was able to create an outfit out of stuff in my closet that I typically don't wear. If I had gotten rid of that stuff, I wouldn't be able to do that. So maybe some stuff needs to be transferred to my costume bin for fun times like that.

I have a TON of graphic t-shirts. And I really don't wear them often enough. Over the past few years I have told myself many times not to buy anymore because I already had too many, and generally I have stuck to that except for buying a few concert t-shirts as mementos. In this case I need to purge some shirts, maybe transfer some over to my sleep shirt drawer, as well as just commit to wearing them on a more regular basis.
I really only wear a couple of my jackets on a regular basis, so as the whether warms up I'm going to need to make a really big effort to wear all of my spring coats & jackets so I can decided what is going to stay and what is going to go. In terms of skirts, I really want to wear them on a more regular basis but there are so many I really never wear that I just need to get rid of. I might keep one plain black circle skirt and a couple basic pencil skirts but the rest can go.

I think my upcoming strategy might be to box up a large amount of my clothing that I rarely wear, put it away and see what happens. Most likely I will forget about all the clothing I put in there and it will make it easier to get rid of. After looking at this inventory it would be hard to believe that I really need anything more at all, but I seem to always feel that way. I think it just goes to show that I'm not utilizing my wardrobe 100%- I have a lot of items that should be donated and really shouldn't make the cut in my wardrobe. So that is something I'm going to have to work on in the coming weeks and months, to really pare down what I have.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

March Instagram

I managed to take more photos than usual in March, but I want to take more this April! I need to start looking around a bit more at what the world has to offer- I also wish my battery didn't die so fast when I do things like this! 

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Purchases

March was definitely a tough month for me. With the stress of school ending and a bunch of other things I had going on, I really kept wanting that instant gratification of shopping- I did a bit this month, but didn't go crazy and I'm happy with what I bought. I did end up buying 2 dresses on ASOS a bit too quickly and when I got them I realized they just weren't going to work, so they will both be going back. I realized they didn't really fit what I wanted when I asked myself 'do these get me as excited as my red leopard print dress from ASOS?', the the answer was a resounding no. That means they definitely don't belong in my closet!

  • H&M black lace tank and leopard/floral print dress - I absolutely love this dress, and the graphic print goes really well with my style and will be perfect for summer. The tank is a great layering piece under some of the more loose sweaters I've been wearing.
  • ASOS black peplum top and blue tartan skirt - I had been lusting after both of these pieces for awhile, and after waiting for them both to go on sale they eventually sold out. Somehow they popped up on my radar this month, still in stock and on sale! I snagged them both.
  • Value Village 100% silk leopard print Zara dress, Guess draped sweater - these items were a steal and I guarantee the silk dress will get a ton of wear next fall (I really hate buying stuff out of season like this but it was too good to pass up!); I don't have a photo of the Guess sweater but the way it drapes in the front is very visually appealing and the grey & black go well with the rest of my wardrobe.
  •  Old Navy basic tanks in army green and navy blue - these are just really good basic tanks for the summertime.
  • Sole Society Cross Body Bag - I have been on the lookout for a black cross-body bag for summer and I just love this one! It has a bit of toughness to it, but it's still chic enough to be worn with anything.
I am still working on doing a closet inventory, and then figuring out everything I want to purchase for the summer. I have a couple closet staples in mind that I want to seek out, but first I need to figure out what I have, as well as listing a whole bunch of stuff to sell on Ebay!