Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Spotty Valentine's Day

Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day yesterday! Yesterday was my boyfriend and I's second V-Day together- last year I had an exam in the evening on Valentine's Day and the BF had to work late, so we actually celebrated on the 15th by going out for Indian food and then to see Die Hard 5 (and the movie was awful, which was sooo disappointing as I love the Die Hard series!!) This year we got to celebrate on the actual day which was nice, and we decided to go for dinner at a restaurant we've never been to called Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge which was great. We splurged a bit and had a cup of Mexican tortilla soup each, and then shared a salmon quinoa salad and a pizza- along with a few drinks and chocolate cheesecake for dessert we were extremely stuffed! After that we walked a few blocks down the street to a theatre to see a play. All in all it was a really enjoyable evening!

Sorry for the blurry camera phone shot. I finally got my dress in the mail from ASOS last week and as soon as I got it out of the wrapping I knew it was going to be the dress I would wear on Valentine's Day! I think it goes great with the super chunky silver necklace I picked up at H&M.

Jacket - Mango
Dress - ASOS
Boots - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Tights - Target

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