Thursday, 6 February 2014

DIY Projects

Like me you may have a pile of clothing you keep meaning to 'fix' but never get around to doing. I'm hoping that when my classes end at the end of March I will have a bit more time to be able to get these done! And of course I will post the results once I'm finished.

Something I've been meaning to work on for awhile are two pairs of leopard print jeans I got from Target years ago (one grey one beige) and a pair of pink jeans from Joe Fresh that I love. The problem with the jeans is that they are supposed to be skinny jeans, but they aren't quite skinny enough. It really annoys me when my skinny jeans don't go tight to the ankle, or when they stretch out throughout the day while you're wearing them. My plan is to DIY them skinny with my sewing machine. Judging by some of the tutorials I've read it shouldn't be too difficult.

Another project is a black and white pair of leopard print city shorts (yes, I love leopard print!) that I bought at Marshall's last spring. I loved them at the time, but through the summer I had trouble figuring out what to wear them with. I think the problem is that they are just too long- I think a few inches shorter could be perfect.

I also have a small pile of thrift store dresses that need lining (which I have already bought the materials for), as well as a really cool Hawaiian shirt my dad bought back in the 80's when he was on honeymoon with my mom. It is a really big shirt and I have plans to make it into a really cute summer top!

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  1. These projects sound so exciting! Please do before (wearing!) and after- I loovvvvee seeing the transformations! :)

    I am NOT creative and have no sewing skills so I depend on my tailor.