Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Look Back

Not long ago I was a fashion blogger- I took outfit photos and updated my blog quite regularly. A few years ago I slowly posted less and less until I realized I hadn't posted in months, and I didn't mind so much- the blog just wasn't that important to me anymore. I started this new blog because I still enjoy fashion, but I wanted to blog more about closet curation, impulse shopping & fast fashion and not just about what I was wearing. Anyway, I decided it would be interesting to take a look back at some of my favorite outfits from my old blog! As you will see, I used to be varying degrees of blonde...

 photo thanksgiving03.jpg
 photo beinmiley02.jpg
 photo beinmiley03.jpg
 photo retropolka01.jpg
 photo leopardblazer02.jpg
 photo blousey03.jpg
 photo floralwaist03.jpg
 photo blackwrap01.jpg
 photo greyskinniesandvest01.jpg

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Laid Back Saturday

This past Saturday I spent most of the day at a theatre a few towns over from where I live helping out with a theatre production that I'm doing marketing & publicity for. Against my better judgement I decided to wear 3 inch heels, but it worked out okay! I actually didn't have much of a problem running around the theatre. And I have been wearing this Zara shirt (and the other one in grey) constantly- such a good purchase.

Top - Zara
Jeans - Urban Planet
Shoes - Nine West
Belt - Target
Necklace - H&M
Watch - Fossil

The last few weeks have been going great in terms of outfits and getting dressed each day. I find myself actually enjoying putting together outfits instead of it feeling like a chore as it used to. I still have some things to do in terms of cleaning out my closet a bit more, but right now I feel so happy with everything I have!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Fashion Week Street Style

There's just something about street style during fashion week that is totally mesmerizing. And with the weather in New York, it's interesting to see the many fashionable ways people have bundled up. Click on the image to go to the source!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Spotty Valentine's Day

Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day yesterday! Yesterday was my boyfriend and I's second V-Day together- last year I had an exam in the evening on Valentine's Day and the BF had to work late, so we actually celebrated on the 15th by going out for Indian food and then to see Die Hard 5 (and the movie was awful, which was sooo disappointing as I love the Die Hard series!!) This year we got to celebrate on the actual day which was nice, and we decided to go for dinner at a restaurant we've never been to called Eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge which was great. We splurged a bit and had a cup of Mexican tortilla soup each, and then shared a salmon quinoa salad and a pizza- along with a few drinks and chocolate cheesecake for dessert we were extremely stuffed! After that we walked a few blocks down the street to a theatre to see a play. All in all it was a really enjoyable evening!

Sorry for the blurry camera phone shot. I finally got my dress in the mail from ASOS last week and as soon as I got it out of the wrapping I knew it was going to be the dress I would wear on Valentine's Day! I think it goes great with the super chunky silver necklace I picked up at H&M.

Jacket - Mango
Dress - ASOS
Boots - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Tights - Target

Saturday, 8 February 2014

January Purchases

After my January wrap-up post I decided to go over my purchases for the month. Even though I don't really have a budget, I spent more than I typically would- generally I only buy a pair of shoes a few times a year so the Steve Madden shoes kind of pushed me overboard. (But I love them so much!!)

January Purchases

  • MANGO faux shearling moto jacket -i love the shearling trend, and the jacket looks super cool

  • ASOS red leopard swing dress -I'm still waiting for this to come in the mail

  • H&M retro polka dot dress -this dress is super flattering, so far I've been wearing it with knee high boots but I would love to see what it looks like with sandals and heels once spring rolls around (the dress pictured is the same dress in a slightly different print)

  • STEVE MADDEN Leopard Print Slip-On Sneakers -I cannot WAIT to wear these once the weather warms up! I love these shoes way too much. Such a great purchase

  • FOREVER 21 (I only paid for one of these purchases as I had a gift card)
    • Harem Pants -for lounging. Pj's all day makes me feel way too lazy when I want to get some work done
    • Grey Leopard Print Sweater -this was from the mens section, it looks so laid back and relaxed and I feel like it could be mistaken for a way more expensive piece than it is!
    • Black and Grey Floral Print T-Shirt -another piece for summer, this is going to look really great with cutoffs

  • H&M Knit Tights -a good layering piece to keep warm when I want to wear skirts & dresses in the winter months
Overall I am happy with my purchases, I definitely want to head to some thrift stores this month to get a bit more creative with my wardrobe though.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

DIY Projects

Like me you may have a pile of clothing you keep meaning to 'fix' but never get around to doing. I'm hoping that when my classes end at the end of March I will have a bit more time to be able to get these done! And of course I will post the results once I'm finished.

Something I've been meaning to work on for awhile are two pairs of leopard print jeans I got from Target years ago (one grey one beige) and a pair of pink jeans from Joe Fresh that I love. The problem with the jeans is that they are supposed to be skinny jeans, but they aren't quite skinny enough. It really annoys me when my skinny jeans don't go tight to the ankle, or when they stretch out throughout the day while you're wearing them. My plan is to DIY them skinny with my sewing machine. Judging by some of the tutorials I've read it shouldn't be too difficult.

Another project is a black and white pair of leopard print city shorts (yes, I love leopard print!) that I bought at Marshall's last spring. I loved them at the time, but through the summer I had trouble figuring out what to wear them with. I think the problem is that they are just too long- I think a few inches shorter could be perfect.

I also have a small pile of thrift store dresses that need lining (which I have already bought the materials for), as well as a really cool Hawaiian shirt my dad bought back in the 80's when he was on honeymoon with my mom. It is a really big shirt and I have plans to make it into a really cute summer top!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Currently Coveting: Soft Sweaters

It is now February and I'm still on winter mode. Seeing this out of stock ASOS slouchy soft jumper makes me want to curl up in blankets with a hot chocolate. I would love to have some perfect oversize sweaters like this!